Flake Epoxy

The Benefits of Flake Epoxy Flooring

Flake epoxy flooring is a big improvement over some of the more traditional flooring systems. It allows you to customize and personalize the appearance of your concrete flooring while also shielding it from heat, moisture, bacteria, debris, and other forms of contamination.

entire view of high school orchestra space that has been done with tan epoxy flooring

Visual Appeal

A flake epoxy floor coating will transform interior settings and improve their appearance. The smooth and glossy finish of an epoxy coating adds a unique decorative element to your home or business. It also covers up defects and imperfections in your concrete flooring. Flake epoxy is also customizable and you have plenty of different design options to choose from so that you can add more intensity to your flooring. No matter the type of decor inside your home or business, flake epoxy flooring will compliment it.

fire and ems logos embeded into gray flake epoxy flooring for local firestation.

Affordable Installations

A common misconception about flake epoxy flooring is that it’s unaffordable. The truth is that it’s one of the more cost-effective flooring solutions. That’s because we won’t need to replace your concrete flooring. Instead, we will apply several coatings of flake epoxy paint to strengthen and reinforce the concrete material. This is not a labor-intensive process, which is why epoxy flooring is so affordable. Also, flake epoxy flooring is incredibly long-lasting, which means that you won’t need to spend a lot of money on repairs and resurfacing.

tan epoxy flooring in a highschool; pictured against a blue brick wall.


Flake epoxy floor installations are incredibly long-lasting. That’s because a professional coating is resistant to heat, moisture, chemicals, and bacteria. Flake epoxy flooring also tends to last a lot longer than most other flooring systems, such as tile, wood, and linoleum. You won’t need to repair or replace an epoxy floor coating for many years if you undergo regular maintenance and cleanings. This makes it a practical option for business owners who want to limit their overhead and focus more on their day-to-day operations.

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gray flake floor in the showroom of a furniture store


Flake epoxy flooring can handle a lot of impact and shock without undergoing any structural damage. The strength of the material alone is what sets it apart from most other flooring options. The sturdy epoxy overlay shields your concrete flooring so that it remains in good condition. It can also sustain heavy loads as well as daily foot and vehicle traffic with ease. Although epoxy flooring has a glass-like appearance, it serves as a durable veneer for your concrete flooring system. Epoxy is also a corrosion inhibitor, which also helps stabilize and protect your flooring.

Maid using mop to clean white epoxy floor

Simple Maintenance

Maintenance is also a lot easier when you have a residential or commercial epoxy flooring system. The sturdy and resilient epoxy coating makes it much less of a nuisance to sweep up trash and sanitize your flooring system. This makes it a popular flooring option for restaurants and food services because of certain health and safety protocols. All you need are a broom, mop, and non-acidic detergent to handle all of your cleaning needs. You can also clean up chemicals and other fluids without tarnishing your floor.

gray flake epoxy installed in a customers home; rustic

Safety & Visibility

Flake epoxy flooring is known for creating a work environment that is conducive to safety. For example, the shiny and reflective properties of an epoxy overlay will illuminate the entire room. This makes it ideal for warehouses and manufacturing facilities where lighting plays a big role in promoting safety among your workforce. We also want to mention that most epoxy flooring systems contain an anti-slip additive that adds more traction, which prevents potential accidents and injuries. Once the epoxy material hardens and cures, it is safe for you to use.

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brown flake epoxy flooring installed in a Laundromat

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