Garage Floor Epoxy

What Makes Garage Floor Epoxy Special?

You can install an epoxy flooring system in a number of different settings, but we want to focus on garage floors. We perform installations for both commercial and residential clients, and we always utilize high-grade materials and top-notch equipment. Multiple epoxy coatings provide an upgraded appearance to your garage flooring while also providing greater strength and protection.

contractor pushing extra gray epoxy across floor with roller

Eliminating Defects

Many of our residential clients hire us because they want to remove and cover up any imperfections in their garage flooring. With a couple of coatings of epoxy, you can easily upgrade the appearance of your flooring while also eliminating those defects. It produces a smooth and shiny surface that is professional-looking and pristine. We can also remove any stains or structural damage in your flooring and restore the concrete material. Garage floor epoxy is also self-leveling, which means that it delivers a uniform and polished surface that will complement the interior decor of your garage.

gray blue epoxy flooring on the stairs and floor of a residential garage

Affordable Installations

Believe it or not, residential epoxy flooring is very much affordable, especially when you compare it to some of the alternatives that are out there. That’s because we apply and install it over your current concrete flooring system. This will help you save a lot of money on labor expenses, and you will also save money on repairs and maintenance over time. Also, residential installations are not a time-consuming process, which also determines the affordability of garage floor epoxy. Overall, our professional flooring services are a financially favorable option.

black epoxy with white flakes in a two car garage; fully cured.


There is a lot of value in durability. Epoxy floor coatings are well known for having a longer lifespan than most other flooring types. It essentially serves as a shield for your concrete flooring and prevents heat, moisture, bacteria and other elements from compromising the material. With a little care and maintenance, your garage floor epoxy can last up to twenty years without having to undergo resurfacing or repair services. Even with heavy foot and vehicle traffic, your epoxy flooring will remain in pristine condition for years to come.

What is epoxy flooring?

Professional Installations

Designing and customizing your new flooring system

flake epoxy flooring in the covered portion of an event venue; outdoors

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Epoxy is a resinous and polyamine hardener that you apply as a coating to your concrete flooring. The hardening agent is what accounts for the incredible strength and durability of the epoxy mixture. Epoxy coatings are a lot different than paint in that they have to cure. You will usually need to wait a day or so before you can begin walking on it. The density of professional epoxy flooring is also greater than normal acrylic paint. Furthermore, if installed properly, it will tenaciously adhere to your concrete flooring. Epoxy flooring is also incredibly versatile in terms of where you can install it.

epoxy flooring being applied to repaired concrete by technicians

How Is Epoxy Flooring Applied?

Floor preparation is critical when it comes to installing garage floor epoxy. This will usually require you to undergo floor grinding or acid etching to remove any physical defects or imperfections. Applying epoxy paint to a patchy concrete floor will ruin the installation and you will need to redo everything. A premium epoxy flooring system will require you to apply multiple coatings to establish a durable and sturdy surface. A final topcoat is then applied to produce a smooth and glossy appearance in your concrete flooring.

tan flake epoxy flooring in a commercial workshop

Several Benefits

Garage floor epoxy offers many unique benefits that will make a huge difference in your daily life. Not only are you enhancing its appearance, but your flooring will be a lot more resilient when it comes to preventing damage. The material can sustain a lot of foot and vehicle traffic without experiencing any structural deterioration. It’s also a lot easier to clean up debris and establish a safe and sanitary home environment. We also offer plenty of design options so that you customize the appearance of your new garage flooring.

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Transform Your Garage Floor

No matter your flooring needs, we are the right people for the job. Our professional epoxy garage floor installers will help guide you throughout the installation process. Call us today and receive a free quote!

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Why Hire Us

Affordable Garage Floor Epoxy

We can install a new and customizable flooring system in no time

Installing a new garage floor is never a simple process, but we can make things a lot easier. Our professional epoxy installers have plenty of experience and they can help guide you throughout the process. We provide services for a wide range of residential and commercial clients, and we can install professional epoxy flooring in homes, commercial buildings, and manufacturing facilities. We promise that you will get plenty of use out of your new flooring system, and we can also provide maintenance and repair services at an incredibly affordable price.

We are among the premier epoxy flooring companies in the greater Atalanta area. We install several different types of epoxy resins, including metallic epoxy floor coatings and industrial-grade epoxy. Call us today and schedule an in-person consultation with one of our epoxy flooring contractors!

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