Concrete Sealing

Where to Use Concrete Sealer

Concrete sealers are essential for protecting your concrete surfaces from things like water, dirt, oil, and much more! Concrete sealers can be used on different types of concrete, like decorative concrete driveways to keep them protected. There are many places that sealers can be used to give the best protection and keep your concrete looking its best.

Tan brick stamped concrete in front of small one story home in Atlanta

Concrete Driveways

Sealing your concrete driveway is important to the longevity of your driveway. Your driveway takes on a lot between the traffic of your car, being exposed to the elements, and chemicals such as oil and gasoline. Whether you have stained concrete, decorative stamps, or even exposed aggregate, concrete sealers will keep your concrete properly protected. These sealers typically last many years, but if your concrete driveway starts to show wear you can simply clean the area and apply a fresh coat!

contractor using paint roller to apply color to concrete before application of clear epoxy coating.

Concrete Garage Floors

Sealing a concrete garage floor is important to keep your garage protected and looking its best. Garage floors are put through the wringer with vehicle traffic, salts from the winter, and fluids like oil and gasoline. Having this protective sealer prevents these things from doing damage to your garage floor and keeps it protected so it can last for years to come. Sealers protect against moisture as well as scuffs and stains that are common for garage floors.

stamped concrete path that is around the edge of a residential property

Concrete Patios and Walkways

Having a concrete patio or walkway can be a beautiful addition to any area with many different design options such as stains and decorative stamp concrete. Using a concrete sealer keeps these patios and walkways looking their best while staying protected no matter what type of concrete surface it is! Sealers protect against moisture and stains which is important for these areas being outside exposed to the elements. Having your patios and walkways protected by a concrete sealer will not only make them look amazing but keep them protected for years to come!

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The Benefits of Concrete Sealers

Using concrete sealers has many great benefits to your concrete surfaces like those found below!

contractor imaged using soft rollers to spread epoxy evenly in residential kitchen

Increases Concrete Life and Durability

Concrete is already an incredibly durable surface that is intended to last for 25-30 years but adding in a concrete sealer gives your concrete the durability it needs to make it the full 25-30. This added protection makes your concrete surfaces strong and durable while preventing potential damage. Concrete sealing protects from harmful things like the elements, water damage, mold and mildew, and much more so the life of your concrete can be extended.

Contractor using a push level to apply a concrete microtopping

Improves Color and Protection

Your concrete can be colored and designed in many ways to make it personal to you and applying a concrete sealer is a good way to ensure the design and color are protected and will last. Concrete sealers can be used on many different colors and will prevent these colors from fading or becoming discolored. Concrete sealers not only protect your color from fading but will also protect against things like spills and harmful UV rays.

outdoor epoxy coating applied to the deck of a residential home

Increased Property Value

Whether you are renting, buying, or selling, the flooring is one of the first things that is looked at and taken into consideration. This applies to concrete floors found in garages and also patios, walkways, and driveways. Applying a sealer to your concrete can not only protect it but make it look new again which will increase the value of your property. Sealers give you the opportunity to give your concrete new life while giving your property added value!

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